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Imola Italy



Everything single bottle is craft-made and unique !







HOP!NION has been created with the desire to enhance and promote the excellences of the territory in which we live. Six young members, with different viewpoints and professional paths, but with the belief that the Romagna Hop can give life a great emotions! A small agricultural brewery that combines craftsmanship, innovation, passion, technology and skills, to obtain high quality beers, with a strong personality. The name HOP!NION wants to express in a broad sense the ideals and the different opinions that have made history, such as freedom of the press, freedom from slavery, liberation from wars, peasant nobility, care for the environment and so on. All these “opinions” are linked to the English word “hop”, the ingredient that will provide the flavor to our beers, giving them a unique taste. In addition to expressing a value in the compound word, the name is also characterized by the fact that the final product, the beers, is the outcome of the opinions expressed by each individual member of the brewery. Our beers therefore have the ambition to satisfy the taste of our consumers but also to convey messages on important topics of the life of all of us.










The territory becomes the protagonist as for the great wines, also for our beers, produced in the continuous research of new varieties of hops and barley, for the relevant part directly cultivated in our farm, on the gentle hills of Dozza, a small village in the area of Ferrari car firm. Here, the strong minerality of the terrain confers aromatic and taste notes able to enrich and give intensity and complexity to the overall organoleptic profile. The presence of three agronomists in the firm is a guarantee of respecting the best and most advanced agronomic practices, the maximization of the sustainability concept, always in the search of new types of craft beers.



TRANSFORMATION The cultivation takes place in full accordance to mother nature rules, on terrains under organic conversion, without chemical and synthetic products utilization. As well, the maximum attention in the selection of raw materials and the management of a production process with low environmental impact, feature the brewing process.

The continuous experimentation, both in the production process and in the utilization of innovative raw material combinations, allows us to create craft beers of absolute quality, which may or may not meet the taste of consumers, but are certainly unconventional and recognizable in beer” landscape”.



The brewery, located on the outskirts of Imola, 5 minutes by car from the center and 5 minutes from the motorway, covers an area of about 1000 sqmt. It is a welcoming place for everyone to share culinary moments with those who love special foods and drink other than classic beers. In our industrial warehouse, a large open space, we offer the opportunity to enjoy our beers in a dedicated area that directly overlooks the production facility, giving the possibility to see the brewing process.





This is the first beer made by our brewery. We had no choice but to name it “LAPRIMA”, or “The First”. With this first beer we intend to introduce the theme of peasant nobility. In a world in which the “advanced tertiary sector” has become the first one, where finance dominates and where the image clearly prevails over content, we want to reaffirm a basic concept: the earth is a common good. It cannot be replicated nor multiplied. Agriculture is defined as “primary sector” because it allows us to satisfy the basic needs of living beings, allows us to feed people. Agriculture is therefore a Noble activity by definition, even if we are often led to think otherwise. We try to convey this message already from the LAPRIMA label. The subject represents the union between the image of the sovereign (expression of the concept of “nobility”) and that of vegetation (expression of “peasant life”). The idea is to join the two images through a mutual contamination. On the King’s head there is a crown and on his shoulder he wears a cloak with a stole, but instead of the traditional purple and ermine fur, the stole is made with hop cones. The image of the sovereign, severe and monumental, presents at the same time the appearance of both the king and peasant, so, a straw hat lays upon the crown, and instead of the scepter he holds a fork while a thick twig of ears of wheat stands out in the foreground.




STYLE: American Pale Ale


FORMAT: Bottle 0,5 lt; Stem 24 lt

COLOR: Amber Homogeneous

NOTES: High fermentation beer, with a strong and full-bodied taste, characterized by a marked use of hops that gives its herbaceous and earthy aromas, often also fruity and resinous. Of an amber color, characteristic of caramelized malts, this beer presents an accentuated final but not invasive bitterness; a medium body, sliding, and an alcohol content between 5 and 6%.










The environment in whic


h we live: it is an heritage to be preserved and passed on intact. This is the theme we introduce with this beer, called MAGGESE. With the term MAGGESE, an Italian word with an ancient flavor, we mean an agricultural land kept at rest, or even properly worked, to regain its fertility. It is a form of land protection, an investment mode, we can also say; a terrain is kept at rest to al


low greater usability over time. This concept should also be applied to our planet and its resources that have come to us intact over millions of years but that in a few decades we are depleting. The label of this beer wants to express precisely the concept of care and protection that we must guarantee to the environment. It depicts a young woman with long hair that holds in her hands, guards, protects, a stylized red leaf that is also a heart and represents the most precious and in need of attention and protection thing we have: our environment, our land.





FORMAT: Bottle 0,5 lt; Stem 24 lt

COLOR: Straw Yellow

NOTES: High fermentation beer with a remarkable balance between the bitterness conferred by the hops and the fruity notes. With a straw-yellow color and a light structure, this beer is characterized by an elegant olfactory finesse and a good freshness on the palate that makes it particularly refreshing and enjoyable on any occasion.





With this beer we want to introduce the theme of freedom of opinion which, as can easily be understood also from the name of our brewery, is a subject that is very close to our heart. It is a very important theme, mentioned in the Constitution of the Italian Republic, art. 21. The freedom to express one’s ideas, to defend them and to spread them peacefully is not only a right, but represents an opportunity for discussion and growth for everyone, in the conviction that differences enrich and complete us. This message is represented by the label of this beer, where the blue of the sky embraces the flight of swallows completely covered by writing with “values” different from each other. Symbolism is strong and embodies a positive vision of the future (the blue sky, the swallows …). With the same positivity towards the future, we decided to open our brewery.






FORMAT: Bottle 0,5 lt; Stem 24 lt

COLOR: Opalescent blond

NOTES: High fermentation beer where the main ingredients are the mix of barley and wheat malts, which give it a gentle taste on the palate, almost sweetish, not hoppy, and a slightly acidic aftertaste. Of a characteristic opalescent blond color due to the parts of yeast in suspension, and of an abundant white foam that is generated during fermentation, it has an unmistakable fruity aroma. It is however a beer with a certain body, with an important alcohol content for the type of beer (6%) that cannot be said to be “easy-drinkable”. On the contrary, it is characterized by a strong and decisive personality, still remaining thirst quenching and refreshing.




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